Water Filter Pitcher 6 Cups. Super Slim to fit any refigerator door. WQA Certified.

Water Filter Pitcher 6 Cups. Super Slim to fit any refigerator door. WQA Certified.

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Why Do I Need a Water Filter? .

E.P.A. reports show that U.S. water supplies contain over 2,300 cancer-causing chemical- Ralph Nader Research Group.

Cancer is not natural, it's a man-made disease, and for the most part preventable starting by the water we drink.


Product Description :

This Filter Pitcher is specifically designed to reduce the particles that came out of the pipes and the synthetic chemicals used by water treatment facilities to disinfect and kill bacteria but it is not being fully removed. Fill the upper reservoir through the filling gate without taking the lid off. Water will be filtered and disposed on the pitcher in just a couple of minutes. Do not use for in contaminated or salt water. It also maintains the same Neutral PH in equilibrium with the body.

  • A better water for your family: this pitcher makes the water clearer, healthier and Testier. But most importantly it is Certified by the independent Laboratory WQA for NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53 and 372 against Cadmium, Copper, Mercury, Chlorine, Zinc and lead free compliance. This system is certified, so the quality of the water you drink is guaranteed.

  • Sustainability: This product is much healthier than many bottled waters on the market. Also, it is more convenient representing 1/20th of the cost of bottled water, and most important: one filter avoids 310 plastic bottles go to our fields. Also a percentage of your order is donated to NGO's around the world.

  • From the Manufacturer: Wamery is a new American Company created as a result of the increasing tap water contamination and unbalance feeding habits. We want to help anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable way. Visit wamery.com

    Just after you order, you will receive the User Manual and its data sheet in PDF. Start a healthier lifestyle and help the world today.

    • SLIM & PORTABLE: Space saving 6 cups (1,5 liter) pitcher designed to fit in any refrigerator shelf or door and it is small enough take it outdoors and fill anywhere being sure you are always drinking healthy water. It is made of a durable and resistant BPA FREE plastic dishwasher save. You can use filtered water for drinking, preparing coffee, tea, cooking, filling ice cubes and feeding our pets and plants.

    • FAST FILLING: on the top of the pitcher there is a smaller lid to fill it without needing to take the whole lid off, time saving for a fast refill. Spill Proof Locking Lid is designed to stay it its place specially when poring. Every filter last for 42 Gallons (almost 160 liters) which means 1 month if you fill it 3 times a day or 2 months if you re-fill it 2 times a day.

    • FREE FILTER: The box contains a FREE filter with neutral pH. The output water is constantly tested and certified by WQA NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 372 against copper, mercury, cadmium, chlorine and lead from the pipes thanks to 4 stages filter: ION Exchange resin, Charcoal, Coconut Activated Carbon and final Micro Mesh Filtration. It guarantees a still clear water improving the odor and the taste your faucet water.
    • ALKALINE FILTER: you can also choose alkaline replacement that purifies the water plus increase the PH of your tap water up to 9 optimizing your body performance. If you are a sporty person looking for a fast hydrate, muscle recovery, anti-oxidant to keep yourself young and reduce weight then this is the filter for you.

    • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: we donate a percentage of your purchase to NGO's around the world to preserve fresh water for our children. You will be providing clean fresh water to your family now and for the future to come. The decision is on you. Try us, we are 100% money back guarantee.