RED Ceramic Knives 4 pieces set. Professional utensils for every kitchen

RED Ceramic Knives 4 pieces set. Professional utensils for every kitchen

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Enjoy this highly rated Ceramic Knife set. The white blade is made of ultra-hard Zirconium dioxide. Only diamonds are harder. It will stay sharp 15x times more than steel.

    • Ultra lightweight knives for precise cuts
    • No Sticky
    • Naturally germ and bacteria resistant
    • Long lasting and easy to clean
    • Unique design, perfect fit
    • High quality product
    • Never Rust

The box you are ordering includes:

    • (1) 4" Paring Ceramic Knife
    • (1) 5" Paring Ceramic Knife
    • (1) 6" Utility Ceramic Knife
    • (1) Ceramic Peeler


From the Manufacturer : We believe that the family is the centerpiece of the society the kitchen is the home's soul. We want to encourage anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle to by providing high-quality kitchen product. 


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  • STYLISH DESIGN: This set looks great in every kitchen, it is not only a tool but a decoration chef utensil. Surprise your friends with the ultimate kitchen gadget.
  • HEALTHY PRODUCT: Enjoy meats, fruits and vegetable on its original flavor. Non Porous, Non Sticky, No Odor Absorbing, Anti-bacterial, No Chemical leakage, No Rust. FDA certificate & BPA-free for a clear cut.
  • KITCHEN EVOLUTION: knives blades are made by Zirconium, only diamonds are harder, 2 times sharper than steel and stay sharp 15 times longer. Covered with perfect-fit silicone handle. Extremely soft and effective even with wet hands. The best technology available at your service. This is the knife of the XXI century.
  • ENJOY HOMEMADE: Designed by chefs and meticulously tested to achieve an effortless cutting, avoiding wrist fatigue and injuries. They really make cooking much easier now.
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked! Risk free purchase. Wamery's fair trade Policy. You will not go back to your stainless steel knife after trying this out. Order today!