Ceramic Knives 4 pieces set. Professional utensils for every kitchen

Ceramic Knives 4 pieces set. Professional utensils for every kitchen

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Enjoy cooking like a professional. A good set of knives are the most important tools in every kitchen. The white blade is made of ultra-hard Zirconium dioxide. Only diamonds are harder. It will stay sharp 15x times more than steel.

  • Ultra lightweight knives for precise cuts
  • No Sticky
  • Natural germ and bacteria resistant
  • Long lasting and easy to clean
  • Unique design, perfect fit
  • High-quality product
  • Never Rust. No browning or oxidization of food

The box you are ordering includes:

    • (1) 4" Paring Ceramic Knife
    • (1) 5" Paring Ceramic Knife
    • (1) 6" Utility Ceramic Knife
    • (1) Ceramic Peeler


From the Manufacturer: We believe that the family is the centerpiece of the society the kitchen is the home's soul. We want to encourage foodies and anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle, providing high-quality kitchen products.


  • STYLISH DESIGN: Turquoise is the new fashion color. It matches with wood, black and white. This set looks great in every kitchen, it is not only a tool but a decoration chef utensil.
  • HEALTHY PRODUCT: Enjoy meats, fruit and vegetable on its original flavor. NonPorous, NonSticky, No Odor Absorbing, Anti-bacterial, No Chemical leakage, No Rust. FDA certificate & BPA-free for a clear cut.
  • KITCHEN EVOLUTION: knifes blades are made by Zirconium, only diamonds are harder, 2 times sharper than steel and stay sharp 15 times longer. Covered with perfect-fit silicon handle. Extremely soft and effective even with wet hands. The best technology available at your service. This is the knife of the XXI century.
  • ENJOY HOMEMADE: Designed by chefs and meticulously tested to achieve an effortless cutting, avoiding wrist fatigue and injuries. They really make cooking much easier now.