Knife Sharpener and Scissors Sharpening System. Easy and Safe.

Knife Sharpener and Scissors Sharpening System. Easy and Safe.

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Every cutting instrument needs maintenance and this tool is designed specifically for that. Keep them sharp and ready to use. It works for every type except serrated knifes.




  • Metallic knives: The 3 stages are COARSE - FINE  - CERAMIC. Place the knife in stage 2 and pull towards you 3 to 5 times. Only one way, towards you, do not push it. Repeat in stages 3 and 4 for a greater finish.
  • Scissors: Use the stage 1. Open the scissors and insert it in the slot, meanwhile hold the sharpener steady with the other hand. Push gently and repeat for 5 to 7 strokes. Sharpening is generated when the scissor is pushed to the rolls.
  • Once you finish, try the sharpness of the blade on a piece of paper, if you can cut it without tearing it then it is ready to use. If not, repeat the process.
  • Clean the blade to avoid contaminating the food and save the sharpener.



    • FAST & EASY: No need to be an expert to use it, just stroke towards you 3 or 4 times and your knife is ready for use. No more grinding and damaging your knives with handheld stones.
    • SAFE: Ergonomically engineered. The silicon handle and the cushioned non-slip base provide you the optimum control for a safe job. It is big enough to handle it properly and small enough to fit into any kitchen drawer.
    • RELIABLE: designed to keep all kitchen knives and scissors as good as new. Save money, don't throw away blunt knives, use this tool to transform them from coarse to fine sharpened. No matter if you are right or left handed, you can use it from either side.
    • PROFESSIONAL: 4 in 1 to get the best knife sharp for all different level of dullness - COARSE - FINE - CERAMIC. It works for all sizes and type of Stainless Steel knives as cleaver, boning, carving santoku, paring, filet and even axes (Except serrated)

    From the Manufacturer: We believe that the family is the centerpiece of the society and the kitchen is the home's soul. We want to encourage anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle to by providing high-quality kitchen product. 

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